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MomsTown is Dedicated to Inspiring Moms 

As a woman, you have an inherent creative power. At MomsTown, it's called your ICP. You have the power to create life within you. We believe when you begin to tap into your ICP you can create any life you want. It's within you. Even if you haven't given birth, your ICP is smoldering inside.... ready to burst. This is your potential. MomsTown.com is dedicated to helping moms reach their potential.

Over the years, MomsTown.com has truly become the destination for mom entrepreneurs. Whether you have an idea for a business, working to grow a business, or simply looking for that next great idea, MomsTown is here to help. 

MomsTown has been featured on The CBS Early Show, Dr. Phil, Montel, and countless national radio and local television shows. MomsTown has also been featured in Parents Magazine and Martha Stewart's Body & Soul. 

Meet the MomsTown Founder

We're busy moms just like you. We believe we're better mothers when we lead exciting, dynamic lives, so that's what we've created for ourselves. 

Here's the quickie version of what we've got cookin': We're both stay-at-home moms with 5 children between the two of us, Mary with two girls and Heather with three boys. We are the founders of MomsTown.com. We have published two lifestyle books for moms: "It's All About You, Live the Life You Crave," (Free Press/ 2007) and "The MomsTown Guide to Getting It All, A Lifestyle Makeover for Stay-at-Home Moms." (Hyperion/ 2003). We have appeared as expert mom entrepreneurs on Dr. Phil, The CBS Early Show, Montel, and dozens of local television and radio shows. We are professional speakers with clients the likes of LEGO. In short, we know what it takes to succeed as a mom entrepreneur and we look forward to helping you succeed.

Heather Reider

Heather Reider graduated from San Diego State University in 1989 with a degree in journalism.  She enjoyed a 10-year career on air as a television news reporter and anchor, working for CBS, NBC, and ABC affiliates in the west. She covered historical events for CBS, including a live interview aboard Air Force One with President Bill Clinton. Heather is now back in front of the camera every Tuesday on KUSI, and she and Mary host a segment for busy moms on the 10 a.m. news program.

What is MomsTown?

MomsTown is built on the belief that we don't stop being women when we become mothers. What’s more, we recognize there's a revolution taking place in school parking lots: Moms everywhere are awakening to the idea that they don't have to sacrifice family life in the pursuit of their own passions.

In fact, MomsTown advocates women are the best mothers when they are their best selves. It's crucial for a woman to live actively and passionately so she can be the best role model for her children and continue the creative process of her own life. This is the message we champion on our weekly radio show and in all the resources available from MomsTown.

We met over mochas and macchiatos in July of 2003. Mary had been hosting a successful radio show for Entrepreneur magazine and Heather had just started the burgeoning "MomsTown Reality Radio." Before we had time to finish our coffee, it was clear we were destined to combine forces and create a company dedicated to enhancing the lives of moms.

Within three months of working together, a senior editor at Hyperion Books in New York recognized the grassroots effort and said to us, "You gals are onto a revolution. Moms need to know they can be hip and savvy, smart and sexy." We were signed to a publishing deal with Hyperion, and we've continued to spread the MomsTown message, most recently with major appearances on the Dr. Phil Show.

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