How can you view MomsTown TV?

MomsTown TV is broadcast out to 26 million homes across the country at 10am Pacific, Noon Central, 1pm Eastern. You can tune in several different ways:

Family Net  - check your local affiliate here

Biz Television - check here or view online 
Available for viewing online through Biz Television weekdays at 11am and 10pm EST. And--bonus! -- Saturday and Sunday at 3am and 10am EST. (schedule subject to change each month) - view archives of select shows below


I just watched the show for the first time, and love the idea!! Please contact me with details on how I can get started!!
-- Kelly P, AK

Thanks for not putting an age cap on your members! I am a young 79 and love your show.. I have a young best friend who is a great idea person and I am a good worker bee so we partner in projects often.. I would love to see one of her ideas put into action I am signing up for your newsletter and will get her to slow her busy life enough to catch your show, so keep up the good work. What a great concept!!!
--Rosemarie M., TX

Thanks for the encouragement on the show.  You two are a “hoot.”
-- Cheryl D.

I love your show!!!! I just found your show on the Family Net Channel on Monday and I am hooked! I have been a stay-at-home mom working with a home-based business for 24 years and absolutely love the content that you are offering your viewers. I feel like I've met women from my tribe!

 -- Joanne H., Thomasville, GA

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